Friday, July 18, 2008

School Shopping!

Today was a girls day out. Mom is off on Friday's and so am I through the month of July. So Mom, Sabrina, Destiny and myself went out today to start shopping for the girls' school supplies. Can you believe Destiny is going to be starting Kindergarten this fall?! I can't. So bittersweet. I'm beginning to think that this is having a completely psychological impact on her as well. I mean, first at Wal-Mart, we were getting her pencils. I was looking for the pretty pencils with designs. Destiny just grabs the package of plain, yellow #2 pencils. I asked her if she wanted to get the pretty ones and she just looked at me and said, "Mom, I'm a big girl now, I don't need pretty pencils, I need the big ones." Wow, this after I went 3 weeks ago to find myself some mechanical pencils for school and I had to get the pretty ones.

Then we went to Academy Sports to get her some little spandex shorts to go under her dresses. (Yeah, as "grown up" as she is, she still has a bad habit of flashing in dresses) I found a super cute outfit and asked her if she would try it on. So I'm walking with her to the dressing room and she turns to me and says, "Mom, I can do it by myself. Just wait out there and I can walk out and show you." OooooK. Not only is my little pumpkin going to kindergarten in a few weeks, but now obviously she can try on clothes by herself. Complete with walking out as if she were on the catwalk.

Next was shoes. Yeah, we spent over an hour picking out shoes. She had to try them on (with no help of course) and run around the isles a couple times a piece to see if they were good running shoes. Sabrina did really well, picked out her shoes and was ready. Destiny on the other hand .... well, after an hour she managed to get out of there with a new pair of Nikes from Nana, and I got her the High School Musical slip ons with free flip flops to match.

Finally pulled back home about 5pm that evening, shopped out. Oh, and with only two new outfits, a dress Nana got her and an outfit from Academy that I couldn't resist we still have to go the them mall for clothes tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Breaks my Heart

I picked up Destiny for gymnastics tonight from her Dad's house. Now for several weeks prior, we discussed the schedule and knew I'd be taking her back after her class was over. As soon as I picked her up to change clothes, she started crying, she wanted to come home. Broke my heart. So we sat there with her in my lap for a good 10 minutes before we finally left for gymnastics. After she finally got out of her funk, she really did fantastic! She really really did. She was getting highfives from both her coaches she was doing so well.

Thankfully, by the time gymnastics was over, she was ready to get a happy meal and go back to her dad's. We gave lots of loves and said our good byes. No more than 10 minutes after I got home Destiny calls to talk. And I'm so glad to say there was no crying, just chatting. I miss her so very much. So much. So hard to go without your world.

On the other side of things, this new little one is NOT liking my lack of sleep due to 10 hour days. We'll probably get to bed real soon!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's gonna be a longggg week

I just dropped Destiny off at her dad's house. Breaks my heart really. I cried the whole way home. I know I know, very hypocritical when I told her she is a big girl and will be back home before she knows it. Of course we all know it is easier said than done. I'm just thankful that it isn't more than a week at a time right now. I'm totally dreading next summer. I just pray that it wont be more than a few weeks at a time, or better yet total. So it's going to be a long week without my pumpkin, my pride and joy, replaced by 10 hour boring days at work. And to top it all off, Brandon even has to work next weekend.

Oh woe is me... I'm going to go have myself a pity party now :(

It's Kickin'!!!

So today I felt a big kick! Lately it has been more flutters and a few roll over feelings, but just a few minutes ago it was a no non sense, flat out kick! So cool :)

To date I have had two dreams it was a girl, and the last two was a boy. We still have three weeks to go until we have ultrasound confirmation to what it is. I am on pins and needles! I so want to go ahead and start buying! It's a good thing we have pretty much all the big stuff, so we can focus on the fun stuff!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Heard the heartbeat

That's right, the little munchkin has an audible heartbeat! We heard it at my DR Appt Thursday. Destiny got to come with Mom but she didn't seem too enthused. Oh well lol. That was pretty much the highlight of the visit. Next visit they are drawing blood for the AFP test and the next will be the BIG Ultrasound. I can hardly wait!

In the meantime, my Katy is expecting my first nephew any day now. If she doesn't have him by next wednesday, then her doc is inducing. I'm on the edge of my seat! And Tim comes home in a month!

Ok, I promise to keep up more, but it is way past this preggo's bedtime. Almost impossible to make it past 9 anymore!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here it is

Ok ok, I know it has been a few weeks since my last post. I just haven't been getting on the computer much. This morning sickness thing has taken on a mind of its own. Yeah, instead of being sick in the morning, it progressively gets worse throughout the day. By the time I get home from work I can barely muster the willpower to get Destiny dinner, bathed and in bed before I crash myself. Today I am one day from the 11 week mark. Which, according to all the books, my energy boost should be JUSSSSST around the corner. I'm looking forward to that just as I would a vacation!

And in Destiny's corner, she is going through an extreme clingy phase. Weird enough is that it isn't that bad when I take her to school, but more so when I leave her at night. Whether it be me going to school, or her going to her dad's she acts like it's a tragedy. Just hoping this phase passes quickly. Kindergarten is just around the corner!

Monday, May 5, 2008

What is that smell!?

Ok, so I get home today to a funky smell in the kitchen. Not that my morning sickness (progesterone poisoning) isn't bad enough. So I rewash the dishes in the dishwasher, run the garbage disposal with dish soap and baking soda, take out all the trash (gagging this whole time). Alas never found the smell. I don't know if I got it or if maybe I got use to it or what. But I can't smell it right now. Hopefully I got it. So I open the windows to air out the house and let some nice air in. Well, they are re-roofing our house, so I get that smell, on top of the noise.

Onto better things, Destiny has been a joy this afternoon, from laying on her tummy to see if the smell was coming from under the fridge, to starting her Mother's day surprises. I keep getting, "don't look Mommy! Wait till Sunday!"